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This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/30/2017

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Signature page

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/30/2017

The Signature page is used to identify the Name of the Subscriber's representative, and have that person acknowledge this Work Order has been completed by providing their Signature.

HelpFilesTechPro-ServiceTicketOverviewPage-SignatureButton Tap the Signature button to access the Signature page



Tech Pro - Signature page


Signed By - Enter the Name of the person who is acknowledging that this Work Order (Service Ticket) has been completed.

Signature - Have this person sign in the Signature box.

Clear - If that person wants to re-do their Signature, Tap trhe Clear button and allows them to try again.



Tech Pro - Signature page - Name & Signature provided


HelpFilesTechPro-SignaturePage-SaveButton When finished, Tap the Save button to record the name and signature.

This action will identify this Service Ticket as Completed.



Ticket Completed Successfully!


OK - Tap the OK button.


The Home page will be displayed with the just completed Service Ticket marked as Completed.



Tech Pro - Home page - Completed message on Service Ticket entry


What's Next?

For those Companies who authorize their Technicians to collect the Payment for a completed Service Ticket while on-site

Tap that Service Ticket Number shown on the Home page

Choose the Payment option

Collect the Payment for this Service Ticket as described in that chapter.



HelpFilesTechPro-DetailPage3BarMenuIcon On the Home page, Review the List of remaining Work Orders (Service Tickets):

a)The Technician should examine the list of Scheduled Work Orders to determine their next stop for Today.

b)Tap that Service Ticket Number shown on the Home page

c)That Service Ticket - Detail page will be displayed

d)Follow the instructions in the Using Tech Pro chapter.