Phone and Modem Options

This Help File Page was last Modified on 12/13/2015

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Phone and Modem Options

This Help File Page was last Modified on 12/13/2015

Windows® provides Phone and Modem Options to help define how Automatic Dialing will be performed.

TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) is a Microsoft Windows API.

This provides computer telephony integration and enables a computer running Microsoft Windows to use telephone services.

Different versions of TAPI are available on different versions of Windows.

To define specific Dialing Rules, access the Windows® Phone and Modem Options Form.


Phone and Modem Options - Configure certain TAPI options:



 Phone and Modem Options available in the Classic View of Control Panel Home


Click the Start button and then Click the Control Panel menu option.

Select the Phone and Modem Options Icon.



Dialing Rules tab on the Phone and Modem Options Form


Dialing Rules tab

Your local Area Code should be defined in "My Location"

If not, Click the New button and enter that information in the Edit Location dialog..



Edit Location dialog


This is also where you may define special Dialing Rules, instead of in the Personal Options Form, if you had specified TAPI on that Form.

There are several fields that may be filled in, based on your particular needs.

Fill in only those fields that are needed.

Area Code Rules and Calling Card information may also be entered within their related tabs.


Modems tab



Modems tab on the Phone and Modems Form


Verify that the Modem defined in Personal Options appears here.