This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/23/2018

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This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/23/2018

Each Micro Key Millennium Series modules must be registered prior to using them (beyond the Demo Trial Period).

All modules that you have purchased must be registered from within the MKMS application.

This registration is based on the computer and its related system storage devices on which the MKMS applications will be installed.

If you need to have different hardware configurations for this computer (as an example, if you have an external backup hard drive attached sometimes and not at other times):

Register the programs with the most common configuration.

Attach the additional storage device(s) and register the programs again.

The MKMS Registration Details list will contain the registration information for each module under each hardware configuration.

This enables you to make these hardware changes as needed, and not have any registration issues with the changed hardware configuration.


Registering your MKMS application modules:

On the Main Menu Select Security and then Choose Register.

The Registration Details Form will be presented.



Micro Key Millennium Series Module Registration Form


Call Micro Key at one of the telephone numbers listed above.

Tell the Technical Support person who answers that you need to register your program.

When you are transferred to the appropriate person, you will be asked for your unique id number which appears next to the Form's heading.

In the example above, this information is shown as follows:

Registration Details MKMS (unique id is 1998270764).

Note: Your number will be different.

Click Add (+) on the navigation controls in the upper left of this Form.



New Registration dialog


Based on the Module(s) you have purchased, the Technical Support person will provide a software registration number based on the modules you have purchased (or recently added).

Enter that number in the New Registration box.

Click OK.



Import - Alternatively, the Technical Support person may provide a Registration file (Reg.ini) which may be imported.

Click the Import button to display the Windows® Open dialog.

Locate and Select the Reg.ini file.

Click the Open options and the Registration Data will be imported automatically.

Click the Close HelpFilesCloseBox box on the Registration Details Form.


The Registration Details Form (illustrated at the top of this page) will be updated with the program modules you have and the license information for each.




If a User exceeds the number of allowable connections, upon starting MKMS or MKMSCS a "No Connections Available" message will be displayed.