Properly Starting Virtual Operator

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Properly Starting Virtual Operator

Virtual Operator has several components that must be loaded and running to operate properly.  These are:

1.Dialogic Drivers - If the procedures in Installing the Virtual Operator Software - see Configuring and Starting the Dialogic Drivers - were correctly followed these drivers should automatically start when you boot up your computer.

2.EVO Server - When the EVO Server is running, you will see EVOSERVWIN in the Start Tray.  If you do not:

a.Click the START Icon on the Start bar.

b.Click on the ALL PROGRAMS (or PROGRAMS).



e.Click EVO Server.

f.If you open the EVO Server application you should see "Started... Waiting for calls"

3.MKMS Database Server - The database file that contains all of the Subscriber Information.

Be sure that your SQL database has started.

Some Windows ® 7 users will have to start the SQL database engine in advance.

To do so, locate and Double-Click the SQL Icon on your desktop.  

After completing its start-up procedure it will display "Now accepting requests" in the SQL dialogue box.

Then Double-Click the MKMS Icon on your desktop to start the program.


4.Virtual Operator Software - You need to start an occurrence of this application for each Telephone Line that is connected to the Dialogic Card.

Each of these should appear on your desktop as Icons.

If not, in Installing the Virtual Operator Software - see Installing the Virtual Operator Software on your Desktop.

Each occurrence of the software should indicate that the line has been detected and the Virtual Operator Software has started.

Look for "Initializing Port x - OK".