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Help Files Desktop Menu Options

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/09/2017

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Help Files Desktop Menu Options

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/09/2017

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Help Files Desktop Menu Options

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/09/2017

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Loading the Help Files from your Desktop:

Opening the Help Files - Based on your particular installation, a copy of the MKS Help Files (named MKS.chm) may be located:

a)On your Windows® Desktop, and/or



  MKS.chm Icon


b)In the C:\Program Files\MKS\MKMS folder (or the C:\Program Files*x86)\MKS\MKMS folder if running a 64Bit Version of Windows®) (recommended),



Help Files in the Program Files\MKS\MKMS folder (preferred) location


c)In a special MKMS folder on your Windows® Desktop (the preferred location for Shortcuts to all of your MKMS applications).



Help Files also in the MKMS folder on the Windows Desktop location


Understanding the Help Files Menu Options bar (located at the top of each MKS Help page when loading the Help Files from your Desktop or accessing them from within MKMS or MKMSCS):



Sample page within the Millennium Series Help File system loaded from the Desktop


Hide - Allows you to remove and alternately Show (display) the Tabbed section of the Help Files (see Tabbed section below).

Click the Hide button to close the Tabbed section, the Hide button will change to a Show button.

Click that Show button to re-display the Tabbed section

Locate - Once you have used the Index tab (see below) to find a specific word or phrase, Click the Locate option to select the Contents tab (see Contents and Index in the Tabbed section discussion below)

Right-Click - Allows you to Close all, but the main Chapter Titles, or Open all and list all of the Chapter and sub-chapter Titles, or Print one, or a group of chapters (see Print below).

Right-Click anywhere on the Help Files Menu Options bar at the top of the MKMS Help page to open the menu shown below:




Back (and Forward) - Click these arrows to switch the Topic being viewed in either direction based on the order in which they were previously (or subsequently) viewed.

Home - This returns you to the Introduction page.

Print - The Print Topics dialog allows you to Select either the currently selected Topic, or this Topic and all Sub-Topics under this Topic Heading, for Printing.



Print Topics dialog


Options - Click the small down arrow on the Options Icon to open the drop-down menu which includes all of the above mentioned selections plus the two listed below the menu illustration:




1.Internet Options - the same Internet Options that are available in your Browser.

2.Search Highlights On/Off - When using the Search tab (see below), specifies whether or not to Highlight the searched for Phrase within each Topic containing that phrase.


Using the Tabs on the MKMS Help Files:

Tabbed section displays the methods you have available to quickly locate the information you need.



Contents, Index, Search and favorites tabs provide

  quick access to the needed Help Information


Contents tab lists all chapters in the Help Files.

Click on the plus box HelpFilesPlusBoxto see a list of the selected chapter's sub-headings.


Index tab allows you to search for individual keywords and displays a list of the related topics.



Index tab                                                Topics Found dialog


1.Type the Keyword you want to find.

2.Click on the result that matches your needs.

3.If more than one index item matches your entry:

a.A Topics Found dialog will be displayed with a list of index items that match your entry.  

b.Click on the topic Title that meets your needs.  

c.Click the Display button on the Topics Found dialog.

4.If only one index item matches your entry, just Click the Display button on the Index tab to go to that topic.


Search tab allows you to search for a phrase of your choice.

1.Search Entry - Type the words you want to search for. The right arrow u at the end of the word entry box (see mouse pointer in the illustration below) provides the ability to add logic (AND, OR, NEAR, NOT) to the search criteria by creating a compound search query.



Search tab


2.Options - Check boxes on this tab allow you to choose whether to:

a.Search Previous Results,

b.Match Similar Words, and/or

c.Only Search Titles of Topics.

3.List Topics - Click the List Topics button to view the topics that contain the search words.

4.Select - Click on the topic you want to view.

5.Display - Click the Display button to show the selected topic in the area to the right of the tabbed section.


Favorites tab allows you to create a list of your most frequently accessed topics.  



Favorites tab


Within the Contents tab, Click the heading or subtopic you want included in your Favorites list.  

oClick on the Favorites tab. Your selection will be shown in the Current Topic box.

oClick the Add button and the selected heading will be added to your Favorites list.

To use this quick look-up feature:

oSelect the Favorites tab  

oClick on the topic you want to read then Click Display.


Using the Buttons on the Help Files:

Chapter arrow buttons




The Left and Right Arrow button Select the Previous or Next Topic (chapter) based respectively (in the order they appear in the Table of Contents)

Page Up/Page Down - Select these keys to move the portion of the current Help File chapter (page) towards the top or towards the bottom the chapter respectively.


Print and Email Options




Print opens the Print dialog and allows you to print the current page.



  Windows Print dialog with Pages selected


Email opens and populates an Email message to our Technical Support Department referencing the currently selected Help Files topic (chapter)



Outlook Express dialog pre-formatted for Help File related Question/Comment


Links - Displays the navigation path within the Help Files that shows how you arrived at the Topic (chapter) currently being viewed.



Help Files Navigation path resulting in the display of the current Topic


Click any element in the Link Path to Select that related Topic.