Report Builder

Under Development

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Report Builder

Under Development

The is a Third-Party application and so Help for this Utility is not included within the MKS Help System.

However, Help is available through the LearnRB application.

This application provides a sample database along with an end-user's guide to building reports.


Installing the  application:

Assuming that the Report Builder option was Selected when you originally installed the MKMS application, locate the LearnRB application in the c:\program files\mks\mkms folder.

Double-Click on the application and it will create a Learn ReportBuilder folder under the c:\program files folder.

In that new Learn ReportBuilder folder you will find the ReportBuilder.exe and its related demo database.

Launching that program will connect it automatically to its demo database


Within the new Learn ReportBuilder folder you will also find the LearnReportBuilder.pdf which is the manual that provides the instructions on how to create a (sample) Invoice, create a Report, and make Mailing Labels.