World Connect

This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/26/2022

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World Connect

This Help File Page was last Modified on 02/26/2022



World Connect provides the solutions to what had previously been intractable problems

1.World Connect allows a Central Station using Micro Key software (MKMSCS) to provide a Third-Party Service Provider (External Companies) the ability to access specific Subscriber’s accounts and to receive real time notification of incoming alarms that affect their Registered Subscribers.

2.These Third-Party Service Providers will be able to use the MKMSCS API to get information in and out of the MKS System but only for the accounts registered to their Third-Party Services.

3.The Millennium software will allow the configuration of multiple Third-Party Services and the registration of subscribers’ accounts with these services

4.For each third-party Service the definition of a Webhook can be added where your Company can set the URL that points to the external company API for the system to automatically send alarm notification to their system in real time.


Third Party Service

Allows Third-Party Companies (External Monitoring and Service Providing Companies) to get data into and out of MKMS and/or MKMSCS for designated Subscriber Accounts (CSIDs) who have subscribed to those services

Provides the Third Party Services Form within MKMS where this capability may be defined and setup, and where Registered Subscribers and Registered Users may be identified

Enables red-defined real-time alarm event notification messages to be sent to an External Company's software system via an HTTP request


Third Party Subscriber

Limits this capability to those Registered Subscribers and Registered Users Accounts (those who have been Registered to participate)

Allows a Subscriber Account to participate with multiple Third Party Providers  


Third Party User

The credentials which allow a Third Party Provider to access the MKMSCS Third Party API

A Third Party Provider may subscribe to one or many of the available Third Party Services