NEO Version 5.1.34.X Commission Tracking System New Features

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/04/2013

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NEO Version 5.1.34.X Commission Tracking System New Features

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/04/2013

Welcome to the Summary Page which describes the major New Features added to the Commissions Tracking System within the MKMS NEO Version 5.1.34.X Release.

This New Features Table contains three columns of data relating to each of these New features:

1.Program Module(s) Affected - This column lists the specific modules that were improved.

2.Chapter Links - This column lists of the link(s) to the chapter(s) where the previous instructions, illustrations and explanations have been revised to reflect the program changes and/or enhancements.

3.Description of the Enhancement - A brief explanation of the new features, functions and enhancements that have been added in this release with links to all of the affected chapters and some related chapters, also.


Understanding the New features Chart:

All of the Program Module(s) that are Affected are listed.

The Chapter Links are provided for finding the instructions, illustrations, and details on the operation and usage of the new feature(s).

A brief Description of the Enhancement is shown, sometimes with additional Chapter Links.


Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Links

Description of the Enhancement



Commissions Tracking System

Commissions Tracking System

A new Commissions Tracking System for High Sales Volume Companies has been added to the MKMS module.

Commissions Tracking System

Adjustment Types

The Adjustment Types Form is used to define the Types of Commission Adjustments that are permitted.

Commissions Tracking System

Commission Adjustment

The new Commission Adjustment Form provides several functions related to the Commission Calculation System:

Look Up previously entered Commission Adjustments

Add a Commission Adjustment.

Delete a previously entered Commission Adjustment.

These Commission Adjustments will be included in the Earned Commissions Report.

Commissions Tracking System

Commissions Approvals

The new Commissions Approvals Form is used to do just that - Approve the Commissions, Bonuses and the Value of the "Banked" Commission Points for Payment of those Commissions to the Salespersons and Technicians who earned them.

Commissions Tracking System

Earned Commissions Report

Earned Commissions - This new report provides a list of Sales, and all of the types of Commissions that have been Earned within a User Defined Date Range for all, or a specified set of (one or more) Salespersons or Technicians.

Security & Access Management


The new Commission Base Rate and the Commission Point Rate information is defined on the Personal tab of Employee Form for each Salesperson and/or Technician who is Commission Eligible.

Prospect Tracking System

Proposal Package


The Proposal Package Form is used to define the contents of each Proposal Package, and the associated Package Points, Maximum Bankable Points, and the Bonus Amount that can be earned.

The Proposal Form contains the Proposal Package and the associated Commission information for that specific Proposal.

A Proposal (and its associated Commission information) may be converted directly into an Invoice, or may be converted into a Service Requests (which subsequently may then be converted to an Invoice).

Accounts Receivable System

Sale-Purchase Items




The Sale-Purchase Items Form identifies which of those items are Commission Eligible and identifies the Activation Fees.

The Sales Form identifies the actual Commission Points earned.

oSelected Package - If a Proposal Package is being Invoiced, the Name of that Proposal Package is identified by the system.

oPackage Points - If a Proposal Package is being Invoiced, the Package Points for this Proposal Package are identified by the system.

oAssigned Points - Based on what was added to this Fixed Price Proposal Package, this is the Points actually Assigned to what was ultimately Sold (Invoiced).

oEarned Points - If changes were made to the Fixed Price Proposal Package these are the "Banked" Points which altered the Earned Points, that positive or negative number is displayed here (0 = no changes were made).

To earn a Commission, the Sale must be Paid in full and that payment recorded on the Receipts Form.

Once a Receipt is posted, the Receipts for the payment of any Invoices that are Commission Eligible must be Allocated on a Line Item by Line Item basis using the Itemized Receipt Allocation process available on the Allocation Form.

Service Tracking System

Service Requests

A Service Request (Work Order) originating as a Proposal that was converted to an Installation Order may be converted to an Invoice.

A Service Request created specifically for installing a Proposal Package may be converted to an Invoice.

In either case, if a Proposal Package is identified in the Inventory\Materials tab of the Service Request Form, the associated Commission related information will be added to the resulting Invoice.