Version 5.1.33.X Prospect Tracking New Features

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/24/2013

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Version 5.1.33.X Prospect Tracking New Features

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/24/2013

Welcome to the Summary Page which describes the major New Features added to the Prospect Tracking System within the MKMS Version 5.1.33.X Release.

This New Features Table contains three columns of data relating to each of these New features:

1.Program Module(s) Affected - This column lists the specific modules that were improved.

2.Chapter Links - This column lists of the link(s) to the chapter(s) where the previous instructions, illustrations and explanations have been revised to reflect the program changes and/or enhancements.

3.Description of the Enhancement - A brief explanation of the new features, functions and enhancements that have been added in this release with links to all of the affected chapters and some related chapters, also.


Understanding the New features Chart:

All of the Program Module(s) that are Affected are listed.

The Chapter Links are provided for finding the instructions, illustrations, and details on the operation and usage of the new feature(s).

A brief Description of the Enhancement is shown, sometimes with additional Chapter Links.


Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Links

Description of the Enhancement

Prospect Tracking System

Calls Report


The Calls Report will now allow the User to set the Date Range for both the Starting and Ending Date and Times to be reported.

By default, the Starting Date will be one month prior to Today at 8:00AM and the Ending Time will be Today at 8:00PM.

All defaults may be changed, as needed.


The Calls Form has additional Function Key and User support:

Ctrl+S will save the current entry.

Ctrl+I will start a new Call record.

Each User may reposition and resize the Calls Form, as desired and those settings will become that User's default position and size.

Prospect Tracking System


Subscriber Information

Prospect Information

Sub Info (F2)

The Subscriber Information and Prospect Information Forms now offer a County field.  

The Subscriber's County will also be available in the Sub Info (F2) Form within MKMSCS.

Accounts Receivable System

Prospect Tracking System


Proposals Printing

The Advanced Sale Item Lookup feature (accessed using the Alt+F2 Special Function Key combination) is now available when Selecting a Sale Purchase Item on a Proposal.


The Proposals Form has a new field titled: Grp: (for Group Code)

You may now enter a Group Code for a Proposal in that field.

Group Codes are internally converted to UPPERCASE Letters so:

"Apples33", and "applES33", and "AppLeS33" all represent

"APPLES33" to the system.

Group Codes are optional, free-form codes a User may assign to any Proposal.


A Group Code will "filter" the Proposals included in the Proposals Printing dialog to only those Proposals that were assigned the specified Group Code when the By Group option is selected on the Proposals Printing Form, and a Group Code is entered in the field provided.

There is no "Maintenance" Form to pre-define these Group Codes and no restrictions as to how many may be used.


Documents may now be attached to individual Proposals.

The Proposals Printing dialog also has a new Print Attached Documents? field to accommodate this feature.

oCheck this Print Attached Documents? box to include and print the Documents attached to the Proposal.

oThis Print Attached Documents? option is only available when printing a specific Proposal by selecting Print on the Proposal Form itself, or when the new By Group option has been chosen when printing Proposals from the Reports Menu.

Prospect Tracking System

Prospect & Proposal Reports

The following Prospect & Proposal Reports had their User Interface improved and now include an Options tab, a Preview tab, and in most cases a Data View tab.


Leads Analysis

Leads By Salesperson

Proposal Expiration