STARK Updates 8232 to 8234

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/27/2018

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STARK Updates 8232 to 8234

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/27/2018

Welcome to the Summary Page with the New Features in the MKMS Version to Release.

Several "bug fixes" have been completed during this series of updates.

The major changes and enhancements are included in the Features List below.



Understanding the Features List:

All of the Program Module(s) that are Affected are listed.

The Chapter Links are provided for finding the instructions, illustrations, and details on the operation and usage of the new feature(s).

A brief Description of the Enhancement is shown, sometimes with additional Chapter Links.


Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Links

Description of the Enhancement





Cert Type - This new Certificate Type field on the Insurance Form will allow the User to set the Printed Alarm Certificate Type as the Company-Wide choice.

By default, the Alarm Certificate Type will be set to Current which will include the required UL® Classification information on any printed Alarm Certificate, as well as the E-Signature and Printed On Date fields.

oCompanies who are not installing any UL® Classified Systems may prefer the simpler Legacy Printed Certificate Type.

oUse the Drop-Down Selection List provided to Choose the Legacy Printed Certificate Type, if desired.


History Grid on the Subscribers Form

You may now Choose which Columns will be displayed in the History Grid on the Subscribers Form



The Widget - Quick Search option has been deactivated because the Widgets feature is now loaded from an external application to improve MKMS performance, and as a result, this type of search would no longer work properly.


Quick Search

The new Quick Search dialog (to replace the deactivated Widget - Quick Search option) provides an easy method to Search designated field(s) in Subscriber, Prospect and/or Vendor records - all at the same time - and display a list of each record that matches their Search entry

This Quick Search dialog and is accessible two ways:

1)On the Receivables tab in the MKMS Desktop, Select the Search Icon and Choose the Quick Search option.    

2)From anywhere within the MKMS Desktop, Press the Ctrl+Alt+Q key combination.



Accounts Receivable System

Deferred Revenue Setup

The Deferred Revenue Setup procedure has been enhanced with three new options:

1)Select GL Account # - Using the Drop-Down Selection List provided, Choose the Deferred Revenue Liability created for that purpose in the General Ledger Accounts Form.

2)Date To Start Deferred Revenue - Use the Drop-Down Calendar/Date Entry field provided to Choose the desired Date when you want to start tracking your Company's Deferred Revenue

3)Set All - Click this option to assign the selected Deferred Revenue Liability General Ledger Account Number to all Recurring Revenue Sale-Purchase Items

Optionally, a GL Number may still be assigned or modified for any listed GL Number - one at a time.

Accounts Receivable System

General Ledger System

Deferred Revenue Set Up

Post Earned Revenue

Deferred Revenue Report

Earned Revenue by Month Report

Because Earned & Deferred Revenue is now calculated on a Monthly basis (versus a Number of Days basis) the following Reports and Procedures have been updated to accommodate this change:

Deferred Revenue Set Up Wizard

Post Earned Revenue Procedure

Deferred Revenue Report

Earned Revenue by Month Report

Accounts Receivable System

Prospect Tracking System


Proposals (Grid)

Pipeline Analysis

1)The Proposals Form has a new Demoed field which should by Checked when a presentation and/or demonstration was provided to the Prospect and/or Subscriber.

2)The Proposals (Grid) report also lists that new Demoed field when a presentation and/or demonstration was identified on a Proposal to the Prospect and/or Subscriber.

3)The Pipeline Analysis report also lists that new Demoed field when a presentation and/or demonstration was identified on a Proposal to the Prospect and/or Subscriber.



Service Tracking System

Appointment Editor

Because the Appointment Description field on the Appointment Editor Form may have several more lines of data than what is displayed in that field (the contents of this field may be pre-formatted using the Appointment Description option on the Service Options tab of the Users Option Form), this Appointment Description field may now be scrolled using the Up/Down Arrows on your keyboard, and the scroll wheel on your mouse (if enabled).



Accounts Payable System


To avoid confusion and prevent an unintentional transaction the Void Icon on the Payments Form will now be disabled when the Check Type is Credit Card.

To remove a Payment made with a Credit Card, Unallocate that Payment (if it was already Allocated), then just Delete that Credit Card Payment entry.

This action will also remove the Credit Card Payment entry from the associated Credit Card's Register.


You cannot modify a Credit Card Payment entry in the Payments Form.  

Instead, you must Delete that Credit Card Payment entry as noted above.

Then, re-enter it correctly, as needed.

Accounts Payable System

Inventory Tracking System

Sale-Purchase Items

Purchase Categories

Purchase Orders

When a Sale-Purchase Item has a Check in the Inventory Item field on its Sale-Purchase Items Form it may not be removed until any Detail Line Item on any Purchase Order containing that Inventory related Sale-Purchase Item has been Received, Completed, and/or Billed.