STARK Updates 8195 to 8196

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/18/2017

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STARK Updates 8195 to 8196

This Help File Page was last Modified on 06/18/2017

Welcome to the Summary Page with the New Features in the MKMS Version Release to the Release.

Several "bug fixes" have been completed during this series of updates.

The major changes and enhancements are included in the Features List below.




Understanding the Features List:

All of the Program Module(s) that are Affected are listed.

The Chapter Links are provided for finding the instructions, illustrations, and details on the operation and usage of the new feature(s).

A brief Description of the Enhancement is shown, sometimes with additional Chapter Links.


Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Links

Description of the Enhancement



The new Pipeline Snapshot Widget lists information on a User defined number of Proposals to Prospects and/or Proposals toSubscribers, or ordered by the Gross Value of those Proposals based on the selected Configuration Options - with the results displayed as a Tabular List or Bar Chart.

Accounts Receivable

Recurring Revenue - Defining Auto Billing

The List View of a Subscriber's Recurring Revenue records now offers the option to identify (Check) which Header Names (i.e., data) will be included in the List (data grid).



General Ledger

Balance Sheet

Trial Balance

Changed the internal storage of Values from a Number to Currency in certain Amount fields to resolve what appeared to be (but were actually not) out-of-balance values because of random internal rounding errors.



Inventory Tracking/Job Costing

Job Work Sheets (New Grid)

Several updates and fixes were implemented for the Job Work Sheets (New Grid):

A new Show Job Tasks Check box has been added to the Job Work Sheets (New Grid) Menu which, when Checked, will display a Sub-Grid (on the right side) listing the details for all of the Job Tasks entered for the selected Job.

a)The columns for this Job Task Sub-Grid may be User specified.

b)A User may Double-Click on a Job Task record in this Sub-Grid to open any associated Work Order Form

A new Job Task Balance column has been created which contains the Sum of all Job Task balances on each Job record line item.

The previously named Balance column has been renamed to Invoice Net Balance to better describe the content of this column.

The existing Profit Margin column is now displayed as a Percentage (rather than as a Dollar) Value



Prospect Tracking


When searching for a another Proposal (to Copy the Contents From an existing Template to start a new Proposal) there are now three (3) Search By options:

Proposal Number, Creation Date, and Title  

Prospect Tracking

Prospect Status

Pipeline Snapshot

Pipeline Analysis Report

The revised Prospect Status maintenance table now has a system defined Status of Inactive that cannot be deleted.

With this new "Inactive" Status code, a User may set a Prospect's status to "Inactive" in the Edit View of the Prospects Form, and/or Subscriber's status to "Inactive" or simply leave it NULL (i.e., empty) in the Lead Information section of the Edit View of the Subscribers Form to be excluded from the Pipeline Analysis report and Pipeline Snapshot widget.


In the Pipeline Analysis Report data grid and the Pipeline Snapshot Widget:

a)Any Prospect who has been assigned an "Inactive" Status will be excluded.

b)Any Subscriber with an "Inactive" Status or the Status field is blank (i.e., NULL) in the Lead Information section of the Edit View of the Subscribers Form will be excluded.

c)During a conversion of a Prospect to a Subscriber, the Status field entry Lead Information section will be populated with any corresponding Status entry in the Edit View of the Prospects Form.

Prospect Tracking

Proposals (Grid)

The Active column's Check box functionality has been corrected so that any Proposal without a Check in its Active field will appear on this Proposals (Grid) as not Checked and so may now be filtered, grouped, and/or sorted for Active versus Inactive (i.e., Active = True or Active = False) Proposals.



Service Tracking

Work Order Profit

The Work Order Profit report has a new Salesperson column and the internal Selection Query will now Retrieve Work Orders even without a Tech or Service Type identified.