STARK Updates 8188 to 8189

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/14/2017

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STARK Updates 8188 to 8189

This Help File Page was last Modified on 05/14/2017

Welcome to the Summary Page with the New Features in the MKMS Version Release to the Release.

Several "bug fixes" have been completed during this series of updates.

The major changes and enhancements are included in the Features List below.




Understanding the Features List:

All of the Program Module(s) that are Affected are listed.

The Chapter Links are provided for finding the instructions, illustrations, and details on the operation and usage of the new feature(s).

A brief Description of the Enhancement is shown, sometimes with additional Chapter Links.


Program Module(s) Affected

Chapter Links

Description of the Enhancement



Documents are now identified exclusively as a Link to a Drive, Folder, and File name (but previously Embedded Documents will still be available).


All Reports

The issue has been resolved where no Print dialog was available after emailing a Report without closing that Print dialog completely and the re-selecting that Report.


Help Files

Re-implemented Context Sensitive Help Files (The most recent Help File document (MKS.chm) must be located within the folder in which the MKMS.exe resides).

1.Pressing Ctrl+F1 will open the Help File's Introduction page and the Contents Menu.

2.When the User is within a Form for which Context Sensitive Help has been implemented, by Pressing F1 the specific Help Files chapter -associated with the current Form - will be displayed.

3.There is also a Help Menu Icon on two MKMS Desktop tabs (i.e., Receivables, Payables).




Accounts Receivable

Post Pending Credits/Deposits

If the Post Pending Credits/Deposits process fails for any reason, the system displays an error message.  However, previously there was no way to know which Deposit Receipt and/or Credit Invoice was processing when that error occurred.

The posting procedure now creates a processing table (dba.AllocateReceiptParams) of these transactions.

If an error occurs, the last record (order by ID DESC) in this table is the one with the issue.

Accounts Receivable

Receipt Posting

When entering a Receipt dated within on AR Closed Period: an error is displayed that the Period is closed, but then the process does not stop until user manually closes the Receipt Posting Form. The User may now correct their entry (Date) and proceed.

Accounts Receivable

Sales Taxes Breakdown

If the User had selected the Report Type as "Collected" in the Sales Taxes Breakdown report, and then selected Print, an error of "Error -195:Column 'newlocaltaxcode' in table 'b' cannot be NULL" was presented.  This issue has been corrected.

Accounts Receivable


When a Proposal is Converted to an Invoice, the Proposal will not be Deleted and no message will be displayed offering that option.

Now the User will have the ability to control whether or not the Proposal should/will be deleted when it's Converted to an Invoice.

To enable this new functionality, using the Interactive SQL (dbisql) utility, execute this script:


if not exists(Select 'exists' from dba.CompanySettings 

where Section = 'Proposal' and

SettingName = 'DeleteProposalWhenConverting')then 

insert into dba.CompanySettings(Section,SettingName,SettingValue) 


end if


The result will continue the normal process where the Proposal is Not deleted when it is Converted to an Invoice.  However, once this script is executed: within Company Settings, you may re-set value of 'DeleteProposalWhenConverting' to True ( 'T' ) to automatically Delete a Proposal when it's Converted to an Invoice.

Accounts Receivable

Service Tracking System

Work Order Invoicing/Review

a)Disabled Action Icons (i.e., Refresh Data, Go To, Purchase Orders, Print, Export) when the Work Order Listing data grid is in Edit mode. The User will now have to save or cancel entries to re-enable these Action Icons.

b) Program was deleting Appointments when the User modifies something, for example, the Priority field when the system was set to "Delete Appointments On Completion" and not set to "Confirm Appointment Deletion" in the Service Options tab of the User Options Form,

c)If the Work Order had scheduled Appointments, they are being improperly deleted.

Program will now properly look-up and honor those settings and only Delete Appointments when appropriate, and only when the Work Order is marked as Completed.



Service Tracking System

Work Orders

Added the ability to Email the contents of the Parts List tab on the Work Orders Form.

Service Tracking System

Technician Scheduling

Added a "Show On Google Map" option when the User has selected an Appointment record within the Day View tab of the Technician Scheding Form.and Right Clicked their Mouse.  Also, Reorganized the Right Click Menu to be more intuitive.




Accounts Payable System

Check Register

Voiding a Payment (Check)

Voided Checks - The Check Register Report will now show any Voided Check(s) with the original date of the Check and its Amount in the Credit column; that same Voided Check Amount will also be listed as an additional entry in the Debit column.

Accounts Payable System

Purchase Order

MKMS displayed an error "Period is closed to all edits" when trying to insert a Detail Line Item into a Purchase Order that already existed and was originally entered in what is now a closed period. This is now permitted.



Inventory Tracking/Job Costing

Job Costing

Inventory Reserved

Item List

Job Invoice Multi Usage

Three new fields have been added to the Job Costing Form's revised header:

i.Estimated Completion -  - Use the Drop-Down Calendar/Date Entry field to enter the expected Finish Date for this Job.

ii.Proposal - No entry required.  If this Job Costing record is being created by Converting a Proposal to a Job, the Proposal Number is automatically inserted.

iii.Proposed RMR - No entry required.  If this Job Costing record is being created by Converting a Proposal to a Job, the monthly RMR Rate offered on that Proposal is inserted.


There is a new Job Invoice Multi Usage dialog - When the Use Inventory option is selected on the Item List sub-tab or the Inventory Reserved sub-tab of the Inventory tab of the Job Costing Form, the new Job Invoice Multi Usage dialog will be displayed.  The User may identify:

oEach Inventory Item that has been used on a Job

oALL items in the list as having been used

oThe Warehouse from which each Item was taken

oHow many (Quantity) were used

oWhether an Inventory Item should be inserted into the Subscriber's Installed Equipment Form.


Note: The most recent Forms.txt file must be installed and the appropriate User Access Rights to the Job Invoice Multi Usage dialog must be granted.




General Ledger System

General Journal

a)This revised General Journal entry Form now includes a Subscriber and Vendor option to indicate that the associated General Journal entries are to be included in that Subscriber's History Grid and the Vendor's History Grid.

b)If a User selected the "Templates" option before picking a "Transaction Date", the General Journal records were created with the date 1899-12-30.

Because this date is never displayed to the User, it could be confusing if trying to troubleshoot a Financial Transaction issue.  

Now, the "Templates" button is Enabled only after a "Transaction Date" is identified.