Run Billing in Dealer Billing Application

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/11/2016

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Run Billing in Dealer Billing Application

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/11/2016

Run Billing Form - This is the Form for which all of the previous data entry tasks were performed.



Dealer Billing application - Run Billing Form - Run Billing option


Understanding the Run Billing Form versus the Run Billing dialog

The Run Billing Form is Dealer specific.

a)A Dealer must be selected first in the Dealer Listing Form,

b)Then, the Pending Billing option must be selected where the Pending Billing records which are to be Invoiced must be identified with a Check in the Bill? field.

c)Once the Pending Billing records have been identified, this Run Billing option must be chosen immediately thereafter.

d)Only the selected Dealer's Pending Billing records which have a Check in the Bill? box (and not in the Compete box) will be included the Invoice billed to this Dealer (also see the "Run Billing dialog" discussion below).


There are two sections and one Option button on the Run Billing Form




Last 10 Billings - This is a list of the last 10 Periods that were Invoiced to Dealers.




Billable Dealers - This is a list of the Dealers who have a Check mark in the Bill on Behalf field (as shown in the illustration below) in the Dealer section of the Dealers Form

Bill on Behalf field in the Dealer section of the Dealers Form



Dealers Form - Dealer section - Bill On Behalf field


Run Billing - Click the Run Billing option to open the Run Billing dialog.





Run Billing dialog:



Run Billing dialog


Period To Bill - Identify the Month and Year for which this Billing process will be creating Invoices for the currently selected Dealer.

Year - Use the Drop-Down Selection List provided to Choose the appropriate Year.

August - Use the Drop-Down Selection List provided to Choose the appropriate Month.

Sale Date - By default Today will be inserted.

Use the Drop-Down Calendar/Date Entry field provided to Choose a different Sale Date for these Invoices.

a)Click on the Date field and type the desired Date using a MM/DD/YYYY format; or

b)Use the Drop-Down Calendar/Date Entry field provided to Choose the desired Date

Due Date - Assigned automatically based on the Terms set in the Company Options section of the Users Options Form.  

i.If the (current) Sale Date is modified above, then the Due Date is re-set to match the Company's Terms.

ii.However, the Due Date may be manually reset using its Drop-Down Calendar/Date Entry field and that will not affect the Sale Date.

Run - Click this Run option to create the Invoices.

If no Pending Billing records have a Check in the Bill? box, or if this Month and Year has already been billed for this Dealer, a No billable items were found message will be displayed.



No billable items found


If the previous Month and Year has not yet been billed, a warning message is displayed requesting a confirmation that you do want to proceed.



Confirm - Missing Billing Period


Otherwise, confirm that the Sale Date and Due Date entered above are correct and that you want to proceed with this Dealer Billing process.



Confirm Billing


a)Answering No to any of the above will cancel this Dealer Billing process.

b)Answering Yes to above will execute this Dealer Billing process.


Overall Progress - A progress percentage bar will be displayed at the bottom of the Run Billing dialog




Completion of the Dealer Billing process is acknowledged with a 100% progress percentage value.