Pending Billing List

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/10/2016

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Pending Billing List

This Help File Page was last Modified on 07/10/2016

Pending Billing List - Click the Pending Billing option to view the list of Pending Billing records that are created whenever you Bill an Alarm Dealer's Accounts for their monitoring and related services.



Dealer Billing application - Pending Billing Form


The Pending Billing records list is added to each time a Dealer's Accounts are billed using MKMS (see the Bill an Alarm Dealer's Accounts chapter for those instructions).



Auto Billing Form used for Invoicing the Recurring Revenues due from Dealers' Subscribers


The Pending Billing Form is Dealer specific.

A Dealer must first be selected in the Dealer Listing Form, after which the Pending Billing option may be chosen.


Billing Account & Options:




Billing Account - The basic name and address information of selected Dealer is displayed

Options - These "and/or" choices that allow the User to determine what Pending Billing "records" will be listed and may include:

a)Only list those records that have not yet been billed to the Dealer

b)Only list those records for a specific charge (i.e., All, Administrative, Credit Card, Monitoring)

c)List those records from a specific Recurring Billing process

d)List those records with a specific Billing state (i.e., All, Billed Only, Unbilled Only)

e)Bill every record in the list, bill none of the records in the list, or specifically select the records to be billed.




Select/Unselect All To Bill - Check this box to insert (or remove) the Check mark in every Bill? field in the list of Pending Billing records to indicate that will will want (not want) the Dealer to be billed for this Subscriber's previously Invoiced service.

Hide Completed Transactions - Check this box to eliminate any previously billed Dealer Billing records from the current Pending Billing list.

Transactions - Using the Drop-Down Check List provided, Check which of the Transaction Types (i.e., All, Administrative, Credit Card, Monitoring) are to be included in the list

Billed State - Using the Drop-Down Selection List provided, Choose which Billing State (i.e., All, Billed Only, Unbilled Only) is to be included in the list

Specific Billing Cycle - Check this box and designate the Year, Month, and Cycle (i.e., Billing Cycle) of the Pending Billing records to be displayed


Refresh - Once your selections are made, Click the Refresh Icon at the top of the Pending Dealer Billing Form

If no Dealer records match your selection, a No Data message will be displayed.




Invoices - Click the Invoices Icon to display a list of the previously created Dealer Billing Invoices.



MKS Dealer Billing - Invoice Listing


Click the Right-Arrow on any Invoice record (see the mouse pointer in the illustration above) to view the Detail Line Items for that Invoice.



MKS Dealer Billing - Invoice Listing - Invoice Detail Line Items


Using the Pending Billing records list:

Grid - This is the list of Pending Billing records which were automatically created when you Billed your Alarm Dealer's Accounts

Click the Asterisk on the left of the Grid's Header

Check which Columns of Data should appear in the Grid.




The data in the selected Columns may be relocated, sorted, and filtered as needed.


Bill? - Check this Bill? box (or use the Select All To Bill option) to include this (or all) Pending Billing record(s) in the next Invoice billed to this Dealer using the MKS Dealer Billing application.


Ribbon Menu - The Ribbon Menu at the bottom of the Pending Billing Grid offers many useful functions:




Record Movement - First, Previous, Next, Last record Icons.

HelpFilesNavigatorMenu-StandardSaveSave - Click the Save Icon to record any Bill? field changes.

HelpFilesNavigatorMenu-StandardCancelCancel - Click the Cancel Icon to abort any Bill? field changes.

HelpFilesNavigatorMenu-StandardRefreshRefresh - Click the Refresh Icon to access the most recent status of the listed data .

* Save Bookmark - Click the Bookmark Icon to mark the record as bookmarked (see Go to Bookmark below)

'* Go to Bookmark - Click the Go to Bookmark Icon to return to the most recently bookmarked record (see Save Bookmark above)

HelpFilesNavigatorMenu-FilterIconFilter - Click the Filter Icon to option the Filter Builder dialog.