New Work Order Form

This Help File Page was last Modified on 12/07/2017

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New Work Order Form

This Help File Page was last Modified on 12/07/2017

The Work Orders Form has been substantially changed and new features have been added.



Service Request Form - Invoiced and Completed


There is a new Ribbon style Menu at the top of the Work Order Form.



Work Order Form - Ribbon Menu


Navigation Menu Icons:




1.Record Movement (First, Prior, Next, Last)

2.Insert new Work Order

3.Delete a Work Order

4.Save the Work Order

5.Cancel the editing changes made to a Work Order

6.Refresh the currently displayed Work Order data.

7.List - Display a list of the previous Work Orders in a Data Grid.

8.Plus Work Order Option Icons (see below)


Work Order Option Icons:




1.Print (Menu) - Print the Service Request Form, or print the Service History for this Subscriber.





2.Link WO (Link a previously entered Work Order with new Work Order




3.Schedule (a Work Order using the available Technician Scheduling Form)




4.Order Inventory (for this Work order)




5.Show Total (for currently record charges on this Work Order)




6.Subscriber for this Work Order (only displayed if the Work Order was retrieved using the Search by Work Order feature).




7.E-Payment (enter an Electronic Payment for this Work Order)




8.View History (of changes to this Work Order record since it was originally saved)




List Icon (see mouse in illustration below) - To retrieve a different existing Work Order, Click the List Icon to display the List View



Work Order Requests Form - List View


This presents a tabular (spreadsheet style) view of all previously entered Work Orders.

Because this is a Grid, the columns of Grid Data may be changed, rearranged, grouped, filtered, and sorted, as needed.

Select a record, then Click the List Icon again and that record will be displayed in the Work Order Requests Tab.

Whenever the previous Work Orders List View is displayed, Click the List Icon to Close the List View and return to the Work Order Request Tab.


The Completion section has been reformatted and a new Completed On field added.

See the "Completing a Work Order" discussion immediately below for details on these.


Completing a Work Order

When Completing a Work Order,a new Completed On field has been added, and the Labor and Inventory/Materials entry method has been enhanced.

The basic process for Processing a Work Order is as follows:

a.Enter the initial request for service using the Work Order or Quick Work Order Form.

b.Identify any specific Technician Skills that will be required

c.Assign this Work Order to a Technician.

d.Click the Schedule Icon to Schedule the Work Order.

e.Track the Technician Activity (make those changes using the Technician's Status Form).

f.Record the Labor used to complete the Work Order (see the Labor Drop-Down Info Box below).

g.Record the Inventory & Materials used to complete the Work Order (see Inventory\Materials Drop-Down Info Box below).

h.Complete and Invoice the Work Order (see Finalizing the Work Order below).


This Completing a Work Order section explains how to accomplish the final three steps (listed as f., g. & h. above) that are required to Complete a Work Order.

1.Record the Labor used to complete the Work Order (see the "Labor Drop-Down Info Box" discussion immediately below).

2.Record the Inventory & Materials, used to complete the Work Order (see the "Inventory & Materials Drop-Down Info Box" discussion below).

3.Finalize and Invoice the Work Order (see the "Finalizing the Work Order" discussion below).


Labor Drop-Down Info Box - Click the relocated Labor Drop-Down Info Box on the Work Order Form to record the time and charges for this Work Order.

When the Technician(s) have completed the repair, installation, or inspection specified on the Work Order, identify who did it, and how many Labor Hours were actually required to accomplish this work.



Service Request Form - Work Order Request tab - Labor Drop-Down Info Box


The Hours worked that were recorded in the Labor Drop-Down Info Box are automatically added to the Time Sheet Form for that Technician.



Time Sheet Form - Work Order Labor records


Mat.\Inv. Drop-Down Info Box - Record the various expenses incurred while servicing this Work Order.

a)When the Technician(s) complete the repair, installation, or inspection required on the Work Order, record the Inventory Items and Material costs that were required to accomplish this work.

b)Alternately, Click the Use Inventory option on the Pats List tab to insert all of the Inventory Items defined in the Parts List into the Mat.\Inv. Drop-Down Info Box.



Service Request Form - Work Order Request tab - - Inventory\Materials Labor Drop-Down Info Box


HelpFilesPackagesIcon Using the Packages Icon:

If this Work Order required the installation of a Proposal Package, Click the Packages Icon on the Inventory/Materials Drop-Down Info Box to Open the Search Proposal Packages dialog and Select the appropriate Proposal Package from the list presented.

The line item detail of the selected Proposal Package will be inserted into the Inventory\Materials Drop-Down Info Box.


Finalizing the Work Order - Filling in the Completion area on the Work Order Form:

This information will be included on the Invoice generated using the Invoice button (explained below).



Work Order Form - Completion area


Completed On - (New Field) When you are ready to Complete the selected Work Order, use the Drop-Down Calendar/Date Entry field to enter the date on which all of the required service(s) were completed and documented.

Serviced On - Use the Drop-Down Calendar/Date Entry field to enter the original date of service

Resolution - Use the Drop-Down Selection List provided to Choose the appropriate Work Order Resolution

Hours - System maintained Value based on the Labor Hours entered (see the Labor Drop-Down Info Box chapter for more information).

Labor - Use the Labor Drop-Down Info Box to record the time and charges for this Work Order..

Mat.\Inv. - Use the Mat./Inv. Drop-Down Info Box to record the Materials costs, and the specific Inventory Items that were used (see the Inventory\Materials Drop-Down Info Box chapter for more information).

Misc Charges - Enter an Amount for any miscellaneous costs (e.g., Trip Charge, standard Miscellaneous Materials charge, Tolls, Overtime Surcharge) which are to be added to this Work Order.

Price Total - System maintained Value of the Sum of the Billable Charges (Labor + Mat.\Inv. + Misc.).

Total Cost - System maintained Value of the Sum of the actual Costs of the Materials, and the specific Inventory Items that were used including (if entered) the Job Cost Categories defined Labor Cost.

Services Performed - Enter a detailed description (up to 500 characters) of the work that was performed.  

Save - HelpFilesNavigatorMenu-StandardSaveClick the Save Icon to record this Work Order's Completion information.


Using the Complete, Invoice and Show Total buttons:



Work Order Form's

Complete and Invoice buttons


Complete button - Click the Complete button to indicate that this Work Order has been finished.

If any critical data is missing (i.e., Completed On Date, Prices, Service Type), a generic reminder message is displayed.

All of the listed fields must have an entry.




Note: If you do not intend to Invoice this Work Order at this time (or perhaps it was a Warranty or Courtesy service call), you may manually Check the Completed? box.

You may be asked to delete the existing Appointment that was made for this Work Order.  Answer as appropriate.




If you have not yet Invoiced this Work Order, you will be asked if you want to do so.  Answer as appropriate.




If you answer Yes, the Invoice for this Work Order will be created automatically (see the "Automatic Invoice Generation" discussion immediately below).

To Skip the Invoicing step if you made this selection in error, or if more work and/or additional entries will be required later to actually complete this Work Order:

Answer No to the  Create Invoice For This Work Order? question.

HelpFilesNavigatorMenu-StandardSaveClick the Save Icon and exit the Form.

Answering No will require that you create an Invoice later, if this Work Order will ever need to be billed.


Invoice button - Creating an Invoice based on these Work Order entries.

The instructions below may be used for any of these four cases:

1)You Clicked the Complete Button and answered Yes to create an Invoice for the Work Order.

2)You Checked the Completed? box manually, but now want to use the Invoice Button to create an Invoice for the Work Order

3)You did not create an Invoice when you Clicked the Complete button (see Complete above), but now want to use the Invoice Button to create an Invoice for the Work Order

4)You have returned after making additional entries and want to now use the Invoice Button to bill the Subscriber for the Work Order.


Automatic Invoice Generation - Follow the instructions below to automatically create an Invoice for the Work Order using the Invoice button.

Click the Invoice Button.




Answer Yes for the Create Invoice For This Work Order? question:

Only if the required entries for this Work Order are Completed and 

You want to create an Invoice at this time (see "Invoicing for Inventory & Material entries" immediately below).



Itemized WO Invoicing Form - Inventory\Material items to be Itemized on the Invoice


Invoicing for Inventory & Material entries:

If Inventory and/or Material items were entered on the Inventory/Materials tab,

oInvoice? - Check all of the items that you want to be itemized as charges on the Invoice.

oInvoice $0.00? - Check this box Only if this line item should be Invoiced at a zero dollar amount (the internal costs will still be accounts for).

oInst - Check all of the items that where installed from Inventory (and therefore should be added to the Installed Equipment table for this Subscriber.

oExpires - By default, the Warranty on any Inventory Items is one year and the Installed and Expires dates reflect that time period but these dates may be modified, when appropriate.

oClick Save.


Generate Invoice - Click the Generate Invoice button on the Itemized WO Invoicing dialog.

oConfirm that you do want to Generate the Invoice.



An Invoice will be created automatically (see example below).  

oLabor charges entered in the Labor tab and any Miscellaneous charges will be included on the Invoice.

oIf selected, the Inventory\Material items will be itemized as indicated above.

If there are Inventory Items that already exist in the Installed Equipment table for this Subscriber, you will be asked of these are to be added as additional items in that table.

oYes - Adds the Inventory Items to the Invoice and Creates additional Installed Equipment record(s) for these Items, as needed.

oNo - Adds the Inventory Items to the Invoice but not the Installed Equipment table.



Comments - Services Performed notes will be included in the Invoice's Comments section.

Note: You may add to, or modify the Invoice as needed (see Sales for more detailed information).



Appointment Deletion - If there are Appointments associated with the Work Order, and they should be deleted, answer accordingly.




The Invoice will be displayed and may be accepted as is, modified, added to, or deleted and then created manually - based on the Users need(s).



Automatically generated Invoice created from a Work Order


Here are a few special considerations you may want to address:

Department - If using the General Ledger System and need to assign a specific Department to this transaction, Click on the Dept field and use the Drop-Down Selection List to Choose the required Department Number.

Note - The Note field allows you to open a simple Text Editor (just Click [Note]) to enter a more detailed description of exactly what this charge was for, and/or what was performed.

Sales Tax: Based on the rules and requirements of your Sales Tax Authorities, established for this Subscriber, the charge for Sales Tax will be added to the Invoice.  Therefore:

oThe original billing Amount you entered for this Work Order should not include the Sales Tax Amount as part of what you enter for the Costs or Labor Rates.

oVerify that any item that should not be taxed, has not been taxed, and visa versa.  

oSales Tax related corrections may be made as follows:

i.Click that Drop-Down Selection List in the (Sale Tax) Code field.

ii.Choose the % (Tax Rate Code) for that item (Y/N/1/2/3), as appropriate.

iii.Repeat this process, as required, for each item that Sales Tax was incorrectly assessed.

HelpFilesNavigatorMenu-StandardSaveClick the Save Icon to record any updates that were required.

Then, Click the Close HelpFilesCloseBox box to Close the Invoice Form when you are finished which will return you to the originating Work Order Form.



Work Order Form - Completion information


The Completed? box at the bottom of Work Order Form will be Checked automatically (Press the Refresh button to confirm this, if desired).

The Complete and Invoice buttons will now be deactivated (Grayed out) and the corresponding Check Boxes will be Checked.

The Invoice Number will be inserted.