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This Help File Page was last Modified on 08/06/2017

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MKSales Menu

This Help File Page was last Modified on 08/06/2017

MKSales Menu - Tap the desired Menu selection (see the list below) to display that page.



MKSales Application - Menu


MKSales Menu - Overview - There are nine main topics listed in the MKSales Menu:

1.Dashboard - Displays the four sections of the Dashboard page

2.Prospects - Displays a List of this Salesperson's Prospects with Add New (Prospect), Search, and Search By options

3.Proposals - Displays a List of Proposals created by this Salesperson which also has an Add New (Proposal) option

4.Subscribers - Displays a List of Subscribers assigned to this Salesperson and includes a Search function.

5.Surveys - Displays a list of Surveys completed by this Salesperson.

6.Calendar - Displays the Employee Calendar for this Salesperson and offers the Add Appointment, and the Today, Day, Month, and List display options

7.Tasks - Displays a List of Tasks for the Salesperson and offers an Add New option, as well as the ability to Update a Task, and create a New Appointment for a selected Task.

8.Settings - Allows the Salesperson to identify a Logo for their app and access predefined Contracts.

9.Logout - Performs the MKSales application's log out function.