MKS Dealer Billing

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MKS Dealer Billing

This Help File Page was last Modified on 04/27/2018

The (optional) MKMS Dealer Billing module is provided as a stand-alone application which is installed in the same folder as MKMSCS.exe Monitoring program ("MKMSCS") and the MKMS.exe Management program ("MKMS").

It also uses the same MKMSDefault database so little additional data entry will be required.

Because your Company is currently using the Central Station and Accounts Receivable modules, most required data entry will already be completed.

See the Dealer Billing Sales Category Codes, Dealers, and Dealer Billing Dialog chapters for detailed Dealer Billing start-up guidance.


Here is an outline of the MKS Dealer Billing application's functionality:

a)Maintains a specific Billing Address for the Invoices that will be sent to the Dealers to pay for the Contract Monitoring Services being provided by your Company's Central Station.

b)Provides a virtually automatic Invoice creation procedure for billing those Contract Monitoring Services.

c)Offers a Multi-Tiered Billing Structure for variable Monitoring Rates based on the Account volume of each Dealer.

d)Invoices an Administrative Fee, and bills a Credit Card processing fee on an "as used" basis.

e)Allows for a Dealer specific Logo and Remittance Address that will be printed on the Invoices sent to Subscribers when your Company Bills the Alarm Dealer's Accounts within MKMS.


Preparing to use the MKS Dealer Billing application:

As with all modules in the MKMS series, there are a few preparations that are required before this optional MKS Dealer Billing capability can be implemented (and many of these steps will already have been completed if your Company is currently monitoring for that Dealer, and Bills that Alarm Dealer's Accounts):

1.Enter the required information for each Alarm Dealer on the Main Tab of the Dealers Form.



Dealer Form - Main tab


2.If your Company is using the MKMS General Ledger System, define the appropriate General Ledger Account(s) ("GL Account") to which the Dealer Billing associated Financial Transactions will be posted when executing the MKS Dealer Billing process.  

Based on your Company's business model for itemized tracking of Contract Monitoring Sales & related Fees: one or more GL Accounts and associated Dealer Billing Sales-Purchase Item Codes (see #3. below) should be created:

a.Contract Monitoring Services - Create GL Accounts for each Alarm Dealer's Monitoring Fees, or just one GL Account that will be used for all of the Dealer Monitoring Fees being charged and create the associated Sales-Purchase Item Codes.

b.Credit Card Processing Fees - Create a GL Account for the Dealer Credit Card Surcharge Fees and assign it to the associated Sales-Purchase Item Code; or use the same GL Account that was created for all of the Dealer Monitoring Fees.

c.Administration Surcharge Fees - Create a GL Account for the Dealer Administrative Surcharge Fees and assign it to the associated Sales-Purchase Item Code, or use the same GL Account that was created for all of the Dealer Monitoring Fees.



General Ledger Accounts Form - Dealer Billing Sales Account


3.Define special Sale-Purchase Items (more than one in each category may be required) that will be used when Billing Dealers for:

a. Contract Monitoring Services that will be billed to the Dealer  



Sale-Purchase Items tab - Dealer Billing Sales Category Code


b.Credit Card Surcharges that will be billed to the Dealer



Sale-Purchase Items tab - Dealer Billing - Credit Card Sales Category Code


c.Administrative Surcharges that will be billed to the Dealer



Sale-Purchase Items tab - Dealer Billing - Admin Fee Sales Category Code


4.The Alarm Dealer information may be entered in the Dealer Billing Dialog or within this MKS Dealer Billing application and requires you to:



Dealers Form - Billing Icon - Dealer Billing dialog


a.Define up to three Monitoring Rate Tiers - based on the number of Accounts - and associated Rates for charging that Dealer for their Contract Monitoring Services



Dealer Billing Form - Billing Structure & Monitoring Rates sections


b.Identify the Credit Card Surcharge percentage rate assessed for those Subscribers who pay with a Credit Card



Dealer Billing Form - Charge Admin Fees - Credit Charge Surcharge fields


c.Identify the Administrative Fee amount charged on each Invoice sent to the Dealer



Dealer Billing Form - Charge Admin Fees - Admin Fee Surcharge fields


d.Enter the Dealer's Logo and Remittance Address to which the Dealer's Subscribers should send their Payments when you are Billing the Alarm Dealer's Accounts  



Dealer Billing Form - Logo and Remittance Address sections


5.Within MKMS, confirm that the Subscribers for whom your Company provides Contract Monitoring Services have been assigned the appropriate Alarm Dealer Code

a.Select the Accounts Tab on the Dealers Form to view the List of the selected Dealer's Accounts:



Dealers Form - Accounts tab - List of Dealer's Accounts


b.Choose which Columns should be displayed




oClick the asterisk (¬) at the left of the data grid's Header row (see the mouse pointer in the illustration above) to display a list of all of the column names - and associated data - which may be displayed.

oBy default, all Column Names will be Checked.

oRemove the Check mark (Click on the Check to remove it) to hide that column of data from the data grid.


c.Locate each Subscriber and on the Monitoring Tab in the Browse View to confirm the correct Dealer has been identified.



Subscriber Form - Monitoring Tab - Dealer Information


Opening the MKS Dealer Billing application:

In the Windows® Desktop Shortcuts folder created for quickly accessing the Micro Key Millennium Series programs, add an Icon for the MKS Dealer Billing application.



User created MKMS STARK 35 Desktop folder (Windows 10) with MKS Dealer Billing Icon


Double-Click that Icon to open the MKS Dealer Billing application



MKS Dealer Billi8ng - Log in dialog


Press tab (After Selecting the MKMSDefault database) and enter your Login Name and Password in the boxes provided.  

Click OK.



MKS Dealer Billing Form - displaying the Dealer Listing dialog


The MKS Dealer Billing Form will be displayed - an example of which is shown above - with the Dealers option which displayed the Dealer Listing dialog selected by default.

Only those Dealers who have a Check mark in the Bill on Behalf field in the Dealer section of the Dealers Form (see the illustration immediately below) will be included in the Dealer Listing.



Dealers Form - Dealers section - Bill on Behalf check box


Understanding & Using the Dealer Listing dialog:

The focus of the Dealer Listing dialog is the Grid containing the list of the Dealers who have a Check mark in the Bill on Behalf field in the Dealer section of the Dealers Form



Add a New Dealer - The Add a New Dealer option is located at the top of the Dealer Listing dialog and is used to create a new, but basic Dealer record.  




The 4 other Dealer Listing options are located at the bottom of the Dealer Listing dialog and require that a specific Dealer record be selected before choosing one of those.

1.Dealers - This is the first choice (from left to right) at the bottom of the Dealer Billing Form and is actually the option that, after leaving this Dealer Listing dialog (by choosing one of the other 3 options), returns you to this Dealer Listing dialog.  

2.Billing Info - This option displays the Billing Information for the currently selected Dealer (selected on the Dealer Listing dialog).

3.Pending Billing - This option displays the Pending Billing records for the currently selected Dealer (selected on the Dealer Listing dialog).

4.Run Billing - This option displays the Run Billing Form from which the Run Billing dialog may be accessed.


See the the Dealer Listing dialog chapter for complete information.


Billing Info - Click this Billing Info option to display Billing Information dialog for the selected Dealer (if the Billing Info has been entered previously),  or to display the Format shown below which may be used for entering the Dealer Billing Information.



MKS Dealer Billing - Dealer Listing - Billing Info option


There are several steps that must be completed to properly set up the Dealer's Billing Info

1.Create a new Dealer billing record

2.Complete the Billing Information including:

a.Billing Structure & Monitoring Rates

b.Administrative Fees & Rates

3.Add a Dealer Logo and Remittance Address.


See the Billing Info Dialog chapter for complete information.


Pending Billing List - Click the Pending Billing option to view the list of Pending Dealer Billing records created when you finish Billing an Alarm Dealer's Accounts.




See the Pending Billing List chapter for complete information.


Run Billing Form - This is the Form for which all of the previous data entry tasks were performed.



Dealer Billing application - Run Billing Form - Run Billing option


The Run Billing Form is Dealer specific.

A Dealer must be selected in the Dealer Listing dialog, after which the Run Billing option may be chosen.

Only the selected Dealer's Pending Billing records which have a Check in the Bill? box will be include the next Invoice billed to this Dealer (see the "Run Billing dialog" discussion in the Run Billing in Dealer Billing Application chapter) when using the MKS Dealer Billing application.