Itemized Receipt Allocation

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/06/2017

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Itemized Receipt Allocation

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/06/2017

Itemizing a Receipt

The instructions below explain in detail how to Allocate a portion of a Receipt to a specific Line Item.

1.Click the Apply button on the Receipts Form to open the Allocations Form is displayed,




2.Select the Receipt in the Unapplied Receipts & Credits section that is to be Allocated on an Item by Item basis.

3.Click the Item Allocate button to open the Itemized Receipt Allocation Form

4.When the Itemized Receipt Allocation Form opens:

Important Note: For those using the Commission Tracking System, all Receipts for the payment of any Invoices that are Commission Eligible must be Allocated on a Line Item by Line Item basis using the Itemized Receipt Allocation process described below!



MKMS Itemized Receipt Allocation dialog


Choose the Detail Line Item(s) to be paid with a portion of the Receipt:

Check the Pay box of each Detail Line Item that you want paid, as required.

Press the down arrow key i to move focus to the next item.

The Amount of the Remaining Receipt balance that is still available is updated automatically.

When the Invoice, to which you are applying some or all of a Receipt, has a very large number of Detail Line Items, and so all items cannot be seen in the list:

oSelect All - You may Check the Select All box to have all items Chosen, then Remove the Check Mark from the items to which you do not want to Allocate an Amount.

oSearch By - Use the Search By Drop-Down Selection List to Choose the method you want to use to locate that Item.  

Title Bar - Alternately, you may Click the column's Title Bar to insert that field name into the Search By field.

Sort Order - Click the column's Title Bar to set the Order in which the Detail Line Items are listed, and Click the column's Title Bar to reverse that selected Order.

oSearch Value - Enter the characters or numbers that will identify the Detail Line Item in the Search Value field.

Post - Click the Post button to record these Itemized Receipt Allocations.