Customer Connect Service

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/12/2022

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Customer Connect Service

This Help File Page was last Modified on 03/12/2022

The Customer Connect Service ("MKSCustomerConnectSrv.exe") is an application which runs in the background as a Windows® Service

This service provides a variety of automated Email responses and/or reminder Tasks to follow up with someone for a designated reason.

Types of automated responses which may be defined by your Company are:

a)Notify New Prospects and/or Subscribers with a Welcome and/or Thank You Email

b)Send a notification reminder for upcoming Service calls

c)Remind Subscribers that they have a past due Invoice

d)Ask Subscribers with expiring Credit Cards to update their file

e)Send an Email when certain Contracts are about to expire

f)Survey a Subscriber about a recently Completed Service visit

g)Send an acknowledge when a Receipt record has been created


Once installed the Customer Connect Service will create a Daily Log File with the details on each Email and/or follow-up Task created.

To initiate these automated responses, go to the Customer Connect Menu



Customer Connect Menu options


a)Schedule records which set the parameters for an automated response must be created in the Schedule Form  



Customer Connect - Schedule Form


b)Email addresses that should never be sent an automated Email Response can be identified in the Ignore Emails Form



Customer Connect - Ignore Emails Form