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This Help File Page was last Modified on 08/16/2017

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Add Prospect

This Help File Page was last Modified on 08/16/2017

When the Prospect List is displayed:



MKSales Application - Prospects List page


A New Prospect may be added by Tapping the HelpFilesMKSales-AddNewButton button.

This will display a blank Add Prospect page


Adding a New Prospect:



MKSales Application - blank Add Prospect page


Left Column:

Name - Enter the new Prospect's Name (up to 70 characters) using the format explained below:

Entering a Business Name

Enter the Name as it would normally be listed in the Telephone Directory

If a prefix is part of the Name but that Name is not normally alphabetized by that prefix (such as the word "the"), enter the name followed by a tilde ("~") and the prefix.

Example: "ABC Company~The"

Entering an individual Person's Name

The Last Name is entered first

Type a Tilde ("~") which tells the system that everything after it is the Prospect's first name and middle initial.

Enter the First Name and Middle Initial

For Prefixes (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.), enter them after the Tilde and before the first name

For Suffixes (MD., Jr., III, etc.), enter them after the Last Name and before the tilde.

Example: "Smith, MD~Dr. James T."

Address - Enter the Street address number and name.

City - Enter the City (up to 25 characters in length)

State - Enter the State (or Province) Code

County - Enter the County (up to 20 characters in length) which is entered for informational purposes only and does not print on a Proposal

Zip Code - Enter the Zip Code for this Prospect's premises

Phone - Enter the Primary Telephone Number following the rules below (Correct formatting will be applied automatically):

If no Area Code is required, enter the seven (7) digit telephone number (it cannot start with a 1)

If 10 digit dialing is in effect - no "1"prefix is needed, but you do need to dial an Area Code as part of the telephone number:

Enter the three digit Area Code.

Finally, enter the seven digit Telephone Number.

Long distance Telephone Numbers (with a "1" prefix) are entered as such, and the appropriate formatting parentheses and dash is applied automatically.

Alternate Phone no - Enter an Alternate Telephone Number following the Phone entry method above.

Comments - You may simply type in any appropriate Comments, as needed.


Right Column:

Status - Initially the Prospect Status should be set to the Active (or its equivalent) as defined in the MKMS Prospect Status Form.

Tap the Down-Arrow to Choose this, or a different Prospect Status,

The Status may be changed at anytime based on subsequent contacts with this Prospect.

Attention - The Attention line will be printed below the Prospect's Name as part of the Proposal's Mailing Address.

oThis field may be used for a building name, a person, suite number, additional address information or skipped entirely - depending on what is needed.

Email - Enter the appropriate Email Address to be used for contacting this Prospect.

Lead Date - Tap the Down-Arrow to display a Date Selection dialog within which you may select and tap the desired date.

Lead - Identify and characterize this Lead, as appropriate:

Source - Tap the Down-Arrow to Choose the Lead Source for this Lead

Type - Tap the Down-Arrow to Choose the Lead Type

Market - Tap the Down-Arrow to Choose the Marketing Area for this Lead

Tax Rate ID - Tap the Down-Arrow to Choose the Code representing the Tax Rate ID to be assigned to this Prospect.

Tax Code - Tap the Down-Arrow to Choose the appropriate Sales Tax Code (from those defined for the assigned Tax Rate ID):

Y - Yes they are Taxable and the assigned Tax Rate ID was defined as not having Multiple Tax Rates

1 - Yes they are Taxable and the assigned Tax Rate ID was defined as a Multiple Tax Rates class and this Tax Code number represents the Tax Rate to be assessed.

2 - Same as 1 above.

3 - Same as 1 above.

N - No the Prospect is Not Taxable.

E - This Prospect is always Sales Tax Exempt.

Tax Percentage - Based on the Tax Code information previously entered in the MKMS Tax Rates Form, enter the appropriate Sales Tax Percentage Rate

Comments - Enter other information, as appropriate, to better understand this Prospect's needs or situation.


Slide the Add Prospect page up to view the Comments field and     Save      option on the bottom of the page



MKSales Application - blank Add Prospect - bottom of page


    Save      - Then, Tap the     Save      button at the bottom of the Add Prospect page to record this entry.



Tap OK to acknowledge the Alert and complete the process.

1.This new Prospect record will be uploaded to the Prospect Form within MKMS.

2.The new Prospect record will also be inserted into the Prospect List page.


The Prospect Details page will be displayed with this new Prospect's information displayed.


  Custom Fields   - If Custom Fields have been defined for the Prospect Details page, Tap the   Custom Fields   button at the bottom of the Prospect Details page to display those fields and options.



MKSales application - Prospect Details - Custom Tabs (options) Fields


Multiple option tabs may be presented (in the illustration above, the   Sales Status   and   Sales Notes   option tabs are present) and each option tab may have more than one field available for data entry.

These Custom Fields may be Mandatory or Optional - based on their purpose and how there were defined.


Enter the required and optional data as appropriate, then Tap the     Save      button at the bottom of the Custom Fields page to record this entry.

The Custom Fields page will close and the Prospect Detail page will be redisplayed.


    Save      - Then, Tap the     Save      button at the bottom of the Prospect Detail page to record this entry.

The Prospects List page will be displayed.